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The Problem
The loss of some or all of your teeth can be a devastating experience -- both psychologically and from a health perspective. For many people, wearing full or partial dentures affects not only how they eat or speak, but also it affects their confidence, security and self-esteem. Whether you have lost your teeth from lack of dental information or the inability to afford proper care at some time in your life, full or partial dentures have been less than a natural replacement.
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The Solution
For many years, dentists have utilized dental implants of various shapes and substances. International research has shown that root-form titanium implants can predictably attach to the jaw bone via a process which was initially described as Osseointegration. Variations on the types of implant materials, textures, forms and surface coatings have been introduced which also allow implants to predictably attach to the jaw bone. These scientifically-driven dental technologies have created tremendous opportunities and hope for those patients who are frustrated with their full or partial dentures. Success rates for dental implants, based on studies of over 20 years length, have shown that 90% success and higher can be achieved where the patient has adequate bone into which the implants can be placed. Success rates vary dependent on where in the mouth the implants are being placed (upper or lower jaw, front or back of the jaw)

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