B. The Implant Placement Procedure
The Two-Stage Procedure
  • First Stage - Surgical placement (can be done with a local anesthetic)
  • Second Stage - Uncovering of the implant
Implant Insertion Step 1

The implant is screwed or tapped into a surgically prepared site. The gum tissue is closed over the implant

Healing Phase Step 2

The implant remains under the gum for 3 to 6 months. The patient continues to wear their denture during this period

Implant Exposure Step 3

(3 to 6 months later)

The implant is exposed by removing a small amount of gum tissue. An insert can be screwed or cemented down into the implant.

Attachment Insertion Step 4

The secured insert can accommodate various attachments upon which overdentures, bars, crowns, or bridges may attach.

The One - Stage Procedure

In step 2, the implant, which is placed, has an additional component which protrudes through the gum tissue. This extension of the implant then does not become covered over during the healing phase. Step 3 (above) is therefore not needed. Step 4 is readily achieved (3-6 months later) by unscrewing the additional component which was placed at the surgery and replacing it with the type of insert that is needed for your case.